Springtime for Property Owners

Colorado Weather can be hard on your homes! The ice, freezing, thawing and general “wetness” of the winter are hard on your exterior. Springtime is a time of renewal and let that be your inspiration to give your home some new energy. Even if you have a property management company, you can also do these inspections for peace of mind.

-Check your house roof. The freezing and thawing combined with wind, is especially hard on shingles.
-Check your gutters. Gutters strain under the weight of debris and wet snow. Check them now to avoid any future water damage to your property from blockage or disrepair.
-Turn your sprinkler system back on and check for any damage freezing weather may have caused.
-Look at the irrigation in your yard and around your property. Is everything draining well and drawing away from your house?
-Check the sump pump in your home and consider sump pump insurance. Rain brings on a lot of potential work for your sump pump.
-Check out drive ways and patios for cracks in the cement. These cracks can generally be sealed to prevent further cracking.
-Look at bushes and flower beds. Do things need pruning to create new growth? Again, the freezing and thawing cause problems and kill new shutes and buds. The greenery may need room for new growth.
-Windows need cleaning inside and out to let the sun shine through! Nothing is better than an unobstructed view from the inside looking out.
-Clean out Air Conditioning filters to keep your unit running smooth.
-Replace lightbulbs on the exterior of the property.
-Look into fertilizing and patching holes in your lawn from the harsh winters conditions.
-Look at any spots on the property that need to be painted. Especially Trim and shutters.
-Look at your fence for any damage from moisture or time.

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