What is Honor in Property Management? by Mark Steinbach

How does this help us in business? There are several ways. First, we need to honor our customers by giving the products and experiences that they find valuable. Too often, we as business owners tend to try and give our customers what we think is valuable and do not work hard enough to see things through our customer’s eyes. Secondly, we can do the same for our employees. These are the people that help make us successful every day. It is important that we find out what drives them and help craft this, into their work for us. Not only will that help them be more satisfied, in their work, but will also make them more productive. Lastly, we need to honor the communities of stakeholders in which we do business. If we are making a huge profit without considering its impact on our neighbors, our vendors and society, there could be major pitfalls that await us. Alternatively, if we are an asset to those groups, they will work very diligently to help us be successful over the long run.

Honoring the people in our lives is not an easy task. It takes constant humility and effort to understand and respect others, to lift them up. However, in doing so, we find that we are improving our own lives as well. Giving honor to others has a special effect. That by showing the greatest honor to others, we end up showing great honor to ourselves.

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