3 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Tenants

When cold weather arrives, few things ruin a chilly snowy night more than a call from a tenant informing you that a pipe burst. Thankfully, the majority of winter damage to rental properties can be prevented with these simple winter maintenance tips you can share with your tenants. A quick, friendly reminder can save you plenty of stress and money!

Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Disconnect and drain any garden hoses. Cover faucets outside with foam covers, if possible. Always turn off the sprinkler system or any outdoor irrigation systems.
  • Cover exposed pipes with insulating foam covers to prevent temperatures from dropping too low.
  • If a tenant suspects that a pipe has frozen, always call property management immediately for more instructions and assistance.
  • Encourage tenants to keep the heat on, particularly when temperatures are below freezing. Pipes can freeze in those conditions without leaving the heat on or faucets slightly dripping to keep water flowing.

Check Seals and Insulation

Drafty windows and doors can dramatically increase heating bills, so now is the perfect time to check windows and doors for any draft issues and report them to property management. Ask tenants to check window and door frames for holes, damage or deteriorating caulk. Damaged caulk should be re-caulked and worn or damaged weather stripping should also be replaced. Another key winter maintenance tip is to examine the insulation at the property. Depending on what property the tenant is occupying, you can check the attic, basement or crawl spaces to ensure adequate insulation is present.

Check the Thermostat & Filters

Tenants should already be changing their air filters once a season or more frequently if they have pets. Regular filter changes are essential to improve indoor air quality and not force heating systems to work overtime to maintain temperatures. It’s also a good time to check the thermostat. If the thermostats are battery operated, switch the battery out at the start of the season. If it seems like the temperature in the property is drastically different than the temperature on the thermostat, recalibrate the thermostat.

Partner with All County Denver Metro Property Management for More Winter Maintenance Tips

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