4 Design Trends to Avoid When Renovating Your Rental Property

Renovating your rental property can be a lengthy and expensive process, even if you’re partnered with experienced designers and contractors. However, sporadically renovating your rental property is a great way to retain and increase its value and prevent the need for a larger project down the road. While it’s tempting to spend a few hours on Pinterest and choose unique accents to incorporate, there are many design trends you should avoid entirely when renovating your rental property.

The Trends You Should Avoid at Your Rental Property

  1. Granite Countertops: We know, you’re probably closing this blog right now after seeing some gorgeous granite at a home improvement store! However, what’s “in” now is not going to be “in” forever. While granite is today’s preferred countertop material, it will be the flavor-of-the-decade in a few years, just like avocado-colored kitchen appliances in the 1960s.
  2. All-White Bathrooms: White-on-white bathrooms look crisp and clean, and they complement the modern and minimalist aesthetics that are popular today. While an all-white bathroom can make the space look bigger, it also requires the renter to keep the bathroom spotlessly clean. White is terrible at concealing even small amounts of streaking, dirt and grime, and how many renters do a great job of keeping their space white-glove levels of clean?
  3. Distressed Cabinets: Just like ripped and distressed denim, distressed cabinets used to be very popular. However, it is a terrible idea for your rental property in the long run. Always choose a neutral color and finish for your cabinets. Don’t go too light, or it’ll be just like a white-on-white bathroom. Stains are also a great way to keep cabinets basic but timeless.
  4. Expensive Flooring: Investing in flooring for your home is a great idea, but investing a great deal in flooring for a rental property is anything but. Expensive, light-colored flooring is a terrible choice for a rental property. If you are using carpets, choose darker colors and a good quality underlay instead of a pricier carpet. For kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, laminate is a great choice.

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