5 Nail-Free Ways to Customize Your Apartment

When it comes to customizing your living space, it’s tempting to go crazy and decorate it to reflect who you are. However, when it’s time to customize your apartment, some ways of expressing yourself won’t jive with your lease. If you’re tired of the off-white walls and tan carpeting, here are some of the best nail-free ways to make your living space your own without losing your deposit.

5 Nail-Free Ways to Customize Your Apartment

  1. Have Fun with Photos: One of the best ways to make your walls more interesting is with photos, and you don’t need nails to hang them up! Use wall-safe adhesive or tape to adhere them to the walls. One of the coolest ways to show off your Denver Instagram snaps is printing them out and making a grid of them you can constantly change up based on where you’ve been, the season and more.
  2. Leaning Shelves: Drilling your bookcase into the wall isn’t the best way to customize your apartment. Instead, explore unique leaning and standing shelves as a way to store your stuff and display your cool tchotchkes.
  3. Use Rugs: Throw rugs are an awesome way to spice up a boring carpet, kitchen, bathroom or plain hardwood floors. Grab some colorful or uniquely patterned rugs and experiment with placing them in different spots in your apartment or layering them near each other for a unique vibe.
  4. Explore Temporary Wallpaper: There are tons of cool temporary wallpaper options on the market for renters. As long as the temporary adhesive wallpaper is designed for use on painted walls and is installed and removed well, it’s a completely nail-free way to customize your apartment.
  5. Switch Up Your Light Fixtures: Before you swap out a light fixture, check in with your landlord. However, most are totally fine with you swapping out a bulb or shade as long as you carefully store the originals to put back in when you leave.

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