The Perfect Plants for Your Apartment

Plants are a key staple in making your apartment feel like home. In addition to naturally purifying the air, plants have been proven to enhance one’s mood and relieve stress. Some people shy away from getting plants for their living space because they are worried about taking care of it. However, a large variety of plants don’t require a lot of sunlight or even watering, making them especially perfect for apartment-dwellers.

Perfect Apartment Plants

  1. Snake Plant: This plant excels in environments with very low light and water. It is one of the hardiest plants out there and can survive for weeks at a time without care while still maintaining its color and shape. This plant also eliminates toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air, improving your apartment naturally. 
  2. Iron Plant: Known for its aesthetically pleasing leaves, this dark green plant thrives in low lighting. It doesn’t need much water to survive and can withstand poor soil. Putting this plant in a low-lit part of your apartment is a great way to make your area look charming and welcoming.
  3. Cacti: Able to survive in the desert, this easy to care for plant will visually enhance your apartment. There are many different shapes and sizes of cacti available for you to choose. Whether it’s a small cactus perched on the windowsill or a larger cactus in the corner, this plant is sure to spice up your apartment.
  4. Golden Pothos: The fact that this plant is very difficult to kill makes it one of the perfect plants for your apartment. In addition to detoxifying the air, they are great for hanging in baskets because they will grow until they reach the floor. It grows quickly, and you can even remove a part of the plant and grow a whole new plant with it.
  5. Succulents: These plants have become even more popular over the years because of their striking appearance. They can adapt to a lower amount of sunlight and their water-storage tissues allow them to survive in warm and humid conditions. Trendy succulents are perfect if you are looking to elevate your apartment décor.

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