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5 Projects That Increase Your Rental Property Value

Are you interested in boosting the value of your rental property? There are some immediate things that can be done to increase property value and help you see a return on the investment. Here are 5 projects that increase your rental property value.

  • Upgrade the Windows: If you have an older property, it might be worth installing new windows. You can upgrade to windows with blinds inside the panes, double pane windows, or insulated windows. These will allow for better insulation as well as keep the property lighter, making it worth the project
  • Bathroom Additions: Improving the bathroom doesn’t have to get expensive. Some easy upgrade you can make include cleaning grout, replacing bathroom faucets, switching to clear glass instead of frosted glass, removing rust stains, applying fresh caulk around the bathtub, and changing doorknobs. These fast upgrades aren’t pricey, and they definitely add value to your property.
  • Exterior Upgrades: An overhang, like an awning or portico, can add value to your property. Another way to upgrade the exterior of your property is to add a small deck if there isn’t a deck already. Building a small deck is a good project if you want to extend the living space out more.
  • Going Green: If your heating and air conditioning systems need work, get new, energy-efficient ones. Solar hot water heater and solar panels are great upgrades and if you have to change those systems, you can boost property value while helping the environment.
  • Floor Replacement: Another way to increase property value is to put in a new floor. If your property has standard carpeting or linoleum, consider replacing it with laminate, tile, stone, or hardwood. Replacing the floors with a higher end material increases property value while making sure that the floor will be easier to maintain.


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