Spring Maintenance Tips

6 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Denver Rental Property

Warmer weather is here, and it’s time to start thinking about the TLC that your rental properties need before spring is in full swing. When you stay on top of your property maintenance and rely on a skilled property management company like All County Denver Metro Property Management, you can prevent costly repairs in the future. These spring maintenance tips will help you to spring forward into a new season.

6 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Property

  1. Walk around each building and check the siding and roof for damage or deterioration. If you spot broken shingles or missing shingles on the ground, schedule a roof inspection to see if any repairs need to be made. If you don’t, spring showers could lead to leaks inside of your rental property.
  2. Examine the gutters to ensure downspouts are properly pointed and there is no damage due to ice or snow during the winter. Waiting to repair gutters can lead to foundation damage and damage to the siding on your property.
  3. Test your outdoor hose bibs and faucets, as any frozen water in the pipes could lead to future leaks.
  4. One of the most important spring maintenance tips is inspecting the landscaping and foliage around the property. Any branches or tree limbs that are damaged, diseased or dying should be promptly removed. Spring and summer storms could knock them loose and do serious damage to the property, the tenants and their belongings.
  5. Check the inside of the property for any signs of leaks. Damp drywall, a musty smell, mold, warped flooring or visible moisture are all signs that leaking has occurred and a repair should be made.
  6. To add a pop of color to the landscape, consider adding some bright flowers and plantings to the exterior of the property. When your tenants head outside to soak up the sun, they will appreciate the gorgeous greenery and flowers you added.

Tackle Your Spring Maintenance Tasks with All County Denver Metro Property Management

All County Denver Metro Property Management offers all property owners competent and honest property management services. From rental market evaluation to tenant placement, we can assist with all of your needs. Our team of real estate professionals looks forward to hearing from you about how we can make your investment a stress-free asset and keep your tenants happy. Call us at (720) 575-6100 for a free quote.

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