A Guide to the Tenant Screening Process for Tenants

When you apply for an apartment or rental property, you can expect to participate in a tenant screening process. It might vary depending on where you apply, but there are questions that you should be prepared to answer and materials that you can gather beforehand to make the process go smoothly.

The Basics of the Tenant Screening Process

You will be expected to provide personal information (full name, phone number, current address, social security number) and financial information, as well as information on your:

  • Rental History: An application will probably ask for places that you have lived in the past, the length of time that you lived in each, and contact information for the properties. This is to ensure that you have a good history of paying rent on time and being a great tenant.
  • Work Background: Landlords want to make sure you can afford the property you are applying for, so they will inquire on your current employment and work history, as well as request pay stubs or other proof of income.
  • Criminal Record: If you do have a criminal record, you should be prepared to discuss it during the background check portion of the tenant screening process. In general, landlords are less troubled by things like unpaid parking tickets and more concerned with past incidents of assault, theft, fraud or robbery. It is better to discuss these things with your landlord early in the application process instead of them being a surprise when your record is pulled.
  • Credit: There is a good chance that your tenant screening process will include a credit check. You should prepare your credit report before starting the screening process to give you time to correct any errors on it. Your credit is a reflection of how much debt you have, what type of debt it is and your general creditworthiness. Many landlords are understanding when discussing credit, so if there are particular incidents that might be impacting your score, discussing them with your landlord during the tenant screening process can help.

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