A Simple Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Rental Property

Summer is here, and there is a good chance your tenants are spending plenty of time enjoying the warm summer sun and all that the Denver metro area has to offer. However, the arrival of summer also means that it is time to tackle your summer maintenance tasks. If you work with All County Denver Metro Property Management, you can rest easy that your property will be in top condition all year long.

A Quick Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Denver Rental Property

  • Check all of the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors inside of the property. Now is the perfect time to replace the batteries and manually test each detector to ensure proper function.
  • Examine the air conditioning unit to ensure that it is working properly. Have preventative summer maintenance performed to identify any problems now, and clean or switch any filters that should be replaced regularly for maximum performance.
  • Clean the exterior of the home or property with a pressure washer to get rid of any lingering dirt or yard debris.
  • Trim back any trees and shrubs around the rental so that there is no risk of branches or tree debris falling on the property during summer storms.
  • Check window screens on each window and replace or repair them as necessary. Small rips and tears in window screens can lead to bugs entering the unit when windows are open during the summer, and eventually lead to a bug problem.
  • Take the time to check appliances within the unit as part of your summer maintenance. It is much more cost-effective to find problems with things like a dishwasher or washing machine before they are leaking on the floor in the middle of the night!
  • Check on the inside and the outside of the property during your summer maintenance inspection for signs of pests like cockroaches, termites, rodents and bedbugs. All of these can cost a great deal to properly remediate once things are out of control, so finding the signs early is critical.

All County Denver Metro Property Management Is the Right Property Management Company for Your Summer Maintenance

All County Denver Metro Property Management offers all property owners competent and honest property management services. From rental market evaluation to tenant placement, we can assist with all of your needs. Our team of real estate professionals looks forward to hearing from you about how we can make your investment a stress-free asset and keep your tenants happy. Call us at (720) 575-6100 for a free quote.

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