Can a Property Management Company Save You Money?

Some landlords and property owners see hiring a property management company as an expense, but, in reality, property management companies are designed to save busy landlords time and money. Think of how much time you spend over the course of a week dealing with repair requests, coordinating your properties, chasing down rent payments and screening new tenants. A property management company can take all of those off of your plate and more.

Can a Property Management Company Save You Money?

  1. Reduced Vacancies: Property management businesses specialize in filling properties with high-quality tenants. Every time a property sits vacant, you are losing money that could be coming in from a renter. We have marketing and tenant screening skills that can keep vacancy periods short and rental income coming in every month. By offering excellent maintenance, easy rent payment solutions and more, working with a property management company can also increase tenant retention and reduce vacancies as a result.
  2. Lower Maintenance Costs: As a landlord, you are responsible for providing your tenants with a safe property that is taken care of. That means a variety of things, including making quick repairs to urgent problems, like issues with the heat or gas. It also means making minor repairs throughout the year. One survey found that property owners can spend over 20% of the income they make from their rental on maintenance. When you work with a property management company, they handle all of the repairs for you. Because we perform repairs at a higher volume, we can keep prices low.
  3. Preventing Legal Problems: Landlords have to abide by federal, state and municipal regulations around maintaining properties and choosing tenants. A property management company knows these laws inside and out, so you never need to worry about unintentionally breaking anti-discrimination or maintenance laws.
  4. Better Rent Collection Processes: Do you spend time chasing down rent payments? Do you wish that you could accept more than checks or money orders? A property management company has more avenues for collecting rent, and also better mechanisms for collecting late rent. We have honed a broad range of systems and policies over the years to make collecting rent as simple as possible.

All County Denver Metro Property Management Is an Experienced Property Management Company

All County Denver Metro Property Management offers all property owners competent and honest property management services. From rental market evaluation to tenant placement, we can assist with all of your needs. Our team of real estate professionals looks forward to hearing from you about how we can make your investment a stress-free asset and keep your tenants happy. Call us at (720) 575-6100 for a free quote.

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