The Pros and Cons of Renting to Families

While you cannot discriminate against families during the renting process due to regulations, choosing to market directly to families is something that you control. Many Denver metro area landlords build successful rental businesses thanks to renting to families and working with All County Denver Metro Property Management. What are the pros and cons of renting to families in the Denver area?

The Downsides of Renting to Families

When renting to families with kids, you should expect more noise than you would hear from a couple or individual. Children are typically less conscious of how loud they are, and babies and toddlers can’t control their tantrums. Even if you are renting to a conscientious family, you should still keep this in mind when choosing what unit to place them in and how to minimize noise.

When young children are involved, you should also plan on increased wear and tear. In this regard, it’s important to note that renting to families with young children is not always much different than renting to families with a dog or cat. Make sure that you collect the security deposit up front and consider annual inspects to ensure that the home or apartment is being well taken care of.

The Upsides of Renting to Families

Renting to families can also be a wonderful experience. Many families are quite stable, so you can expect them to always pay rent on time and keep the property in great condition. Families are also typically more interested in staying in a property for years. Unlike singles or couples who often pick up and leave after a year or two, families have a high chance of occupying your property for years provided that there are no issues.

Another one of the benefits of renting to families is that, outside of the occasional tantrum or activity during the day, they are typically very well-behaved. Unlike college students, you almost never will have middle-of-the-night noise complaints or issues while renting to families. There are plenty of benefits of targeting families with kids in your rental listings.

Start Renting to Families in Denver with All County Denver Metro Property Management

All County Denver Metro Property Management offers all property owners in Golden, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Commerce City, Thornton, Westminster, North Denver and Brighton competent and honest property management services. From rental market evaluation to tenant placement, we can assist with all of your needs. Call us at (720) 575-6100 for a free quote.

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