The Best Tenant Screening Questions

Finding the perfect tenant can be difficult, and there are many different factors that can make a difference between excellent tenants who pay on time and nightmare tenants who require a trip to court. Here are some of the best tenant screening questions that you can use to determine whether or not you’ve found a winner or a tenant you might prefer rent elsewhere.

The Best Tenant Screening Questions

  1. Why are you moving at this time?
  2. What are you looking for in a rental property?
  3. Do you have a pet? What size is your pet? Are they housebroken?
  4. Have you ever been evicted?
  5. Do you smoke? Does anyone who will be living with you smoke?
  6. You and anyone visiting you will be subject to the parking rules for the community? Do you have any questions about them?
  7. Do you work nights or during odd hours?
  8. Can you explain any gaps in your employment history?
  9. Is there anything I should know before running a criminal background check?
  10. Is your monthly income three times or greater than the monthly rent amount?
  11. Is your credit score 670 or higher?
  12. Have you ever been late paying your rent?
  13. Can I contact any of your past landlords for a reference?
  14. How long do you plan on living here?
  15. Do you have any questions for me?

The Worst Tenant Screening Questions

In addition to questions that are useful, like those listed above, there are some that you should always stay away from because they violate or imply a violation of laws that prevent discrimination in property rental against protected classes. What do these questions look like?

  1. Where are you from originally?
  2. Is English your second language?
  3. Will you be looking for a church in the neighborhood?
  4. What church do you go to?
  5. Are you worried about living alone since you’re a single woman?
  6. Are you planning on becoming pregnant?
  7. Are you married or divorced?
  8. Will you need special parking for a disability?
  9. Are you disabled?

Many of the questions above can be asked inadvertently, but it’s critical to remember that anything that appears you are making a biased decision or attempting to get information on someone’s protected class is dangerous to ask and against the law.

Ask the Right Tenant Screening Questions with All County Denver Metro Property Management

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