6 Best Apartment Features for Renters

Designing a rental space can be daunting, and finding the balance between making a space attractive to renters while still leaving it neutral enough to be easily kept up between tenants can be difficult. Luckily, we have identified the most popular design trends for 2021, which will not only increase your renters’ value for money, but also ensure your properties are never without tenants for long. Below we’ve outlined six trends below that are sure to bring tenants clamoring to your doors.

6 Trends to Improve Your Rental Property

  1. Dedicated home office space

Post-pandemic, more and more renters are working from home. And don’t worry! No matter the size of your rental, it’s easy to get creative and set up a space that can be easily adapted to a home office. Whether it’s adding a few outlets to one of the bedrooms or building a desktop into an existing closet or corner, making it easy for tenants to set up a home office can be a major attraction for your rental.

  1. Update the windows

During lockdown, lots of people started bringing the outside inside by starting a house plant collection. Updating the windows in your rental to let in optimum light from outside can make a space more attractive to renters– and it can keep your costs down, too. New windows increase the energy efficiency of your property as well as sealing out pests and moisture, which can cause costly damage down the road.

  1. Update the kitchen

Few renovations can take a rental from average to “wow!” than a kitchen upgrade. From a fresh coat of paint to a full gut and remodel, focusing on this area is sure to make your property stand out. A kitchen island for extra work space or mixed-use cabinets to maximize usable storage are both renovation trends that will add value to your rental. If you’re considering a cosmetic upgrade, new fixtures with brushed finishes and wood-grain cabinets are both seeing increased popularity in 2021.

  1. Outdoor space

Stay-at-home orders throughout the pandemic had many renters desperate for access to the outdoors. With interest shifting towards gardening and outdoor entertaining spaces, even a tiny patio or garden area can add big value to your rental property. Landscaping with the addition of some trees or flowers can also increase the curb appeal of the place.

  1. Smart bathroom innovations

Bathrooms are often designed for utility, not beauty– but they can be both! Updating the bathroom to include a large shower stall, heated flooring, or a spa-style showerhead can add a dash of luxury to your rental and make it irresistible to would-be tenants.

  1. Flooring

If your rental still has wall-to-wall carpet, it may be time for an upgrade. Carpets rarely hold up to the amount of wear and tear a rental unit receives, and they can trap allergens, stains, and smells, which are all undesirable to renters. Replacing carpet with laminate or hardwood flooring is an investment worth every penny.

All County Denver Metro Property Management Can Help When Updating a Rental Property

Making improvements to your rentals is a win-win solution to attracting quality tenants– but we know the landlord’s to-do list doesn’t end with filling your units. All County Denver Metro Property Management is here to help property owners get the best return on their investment through knowledgeable and trustworthy property management services. From managing tenant relationships to lease enforcement, we look forward to working with you to see how your investment can be a long-term, stress-free asset. For a complimentary quote, call us today at (720) 664-4550.

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