Table with wooden houses, calculator, coins, magnifying glass with the word Rent.

How to Set the Right Rent Price

The question of what to charge for rent is a difficult but crucial one for property owners. Property ownership is a business, and you need to make sure your investment is paying off. There are also a lot of expenses associated with property ownership, and choosing the correct price will offset these costs. To set the right price, it’s important to know the cost of renting in your area, the scope of your competition, and the size of the property among other factors.

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Rent. Glass jar with coins and an inscription rent. Man holds coin in his hand

How to Improve the Rent Collection Process

Rent collection is an important part of any landlord’s business. However, it is often the most frustrating and stressful part of owning a rental property. While most tenants are responsible, some fail to pay on time or refuse to pay at all. In some cases, they may simply forget. The last thing any landlord wants to do is hunt down rent payments, but it’s a necessary evil. There’s no way to avoid this entirely, but optimizing your rent collection process can have a major impact. When you set clear expectations and make payment easy for tenants, they’ll be more likely to pay on time. Additionally, you may want to consider the following suggestions:

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Home improvement concept. Girl the designer chooses the facades and handles for cabinet furniture in a store showroom.

Top 4 Ways to Boost Your Property Value

If you’re a landlord, you should constantly be looking for ways to boost your property value. Your property will become more desirable to prospective tenants if you invest more money in it. Plus, should you choose to sell, you want your investment to pay off later. Not only is this a good business move, it’s a way to keep your tenants happy.

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