help tenants settle into their new home

How to Help Tenants Settle into their New Home

The first few weeks of your tenant’s new home are critical. To make their new renters feel welcome, landlords should make a great first impression. On move-in day, that might involve introducing yourself and asking your tenants if they need any assistance. However, there are several additional steps you can take to help tenants settle into their new home and build a strong tenant-landlord relationship.

As a landlord, you expect your tenants to act responsibly and pay their rent on time. In return, tenants expect friendly service and access to maintenance among other things. Over the course of a renter’s stay, you’ll have to communicate with them often. Use this time to help tenants settle into their new home and ensure they have a good experience.

How to Help Tenants Settle into their New Home

Clean the Unit Prior to Move-In Day

You can begin helping tenants settle into their new home before they even arrive. To do this, make sure the unit is spotless and odor-free. The previous tenant was probably not too concerned with leaving everything in excellent shape before they moved out. Chances are, the space needs a thorough cleaning. Rather than doing a quick sweep with a broom and a dustpan, dedicate an entire day to cleaning. Be especially cognizant of areas like the bathroom and kitchen. There should be no trace of the previous unit left behind when the next one moves in.

Review and Fulfill Any Tenant Requests

Every tenant is unique, and some will have specific requests that need to be fulfilled prior to, during or after move-in day. A request could be something as simple as painting the walls or something more complex like installing a wheelchair ramp. In some cases, you may be legally required to make these modifications. Regardless, it’s important to take care of them as soon as possible. When helping tenants settle into their new home, it’s important to ask them if they require any additional adjustments as well. Ultimately, your new renter should know that you value their needs.

Communicate Often and Provide Your Contact Information

Once as they are moved in, you can help tenants settle into their new home by staying in touch. Check in with your renters often to ensure that they’re satisfied with their experience. Do they need directions to local shopping centers, schools, or grocery stores? Are there any confusing policies you can clear up for them? Do they know where the laundry facilities are located and where to place their trash? You should also be sure that they have all your contact information, including a phone number and e-mail address. If they ever need to submit a maintenance request or discuss another concern, your tenants need to know how to reach you.

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