holiday tips for tenants

4 Holiday Tips for Tenants

There is still time to prepare for the holidays, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with preparations. It’s likely that your to-do list is long and includes things like shopping, meal planning, and decking the halls. The idea is to stay ahead of the game so you have plenty of time to enjoy everything you’re planning for.

If you live in a rental unit, it can be especially challenging to decorate and cook in a small space. However, a little creativity goes a long way. Learn how to simplify the season and save time with these easy holiday tips for tenants.

4 Holiday Tips for Tenants

1. Is Your Space Too Small for a Christmas Tree? Consider These Alternatives

Chances are, a 7-foot tree isn’t going to fit in your apartment. You may not even be able to get a tree that size in the elevator (forget the stairs). Still, you have plenty of options if you still want the experience of “trimming a tree.” A variety of thin trees and tabletop trees are available online. You can still decorate these with tinsel, lights small ornaments. If your space is too cramped for a tree, consider stringing up lights around house plants or walls. There are numerous ways to get in the Christmas spirit. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

2. Keep Cooking Safety in Mind

Your rental unit is your home, but you still share the building with others. That’s why one of the most critical holiday tips for tenants is safety related. Most fires occur in winter due to an increase in holiday cooking. Never leave items like your Thanksgiving turkey or holiday mac and cheese unattended. Leaving the home when the oven is never a good idea. Additionally, avoid cooking under the influence and keep utensils and oven mitts away from burners.

3. Decorate without Cluttering Your Home

Like many tenants, you probably have too many holiday decorations. We understand: it’s not easy to resist festive trinkets like snow globes and nutcrackers. When they go on sale at the end of each season, you’ll want to whip out your credit card. However, you’ll regret it the following year when you have nowhere to put your new decorations. Keep your collection limited and focus on specific areas in your home. Choose your most treasured items and consider donating anything extraneous. After all, Santa needs to be able to walk from room to room without tripping over clutter (as do you).

4. If You’re Going Away, Let Your Landlord Know

One last holiday tip for tenants: keep your landlord in the loop. If you’re going away for a couple of weeks, let them know beforehand. Empty rental units are vulnerable to crime, and if a sudden maintenance issue occurs, you won’t be home to report it. Communicating with your property manager protects your space and other tenants in the building.

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