decorating your rental property for the holidays

Pros and Cons of Decorating Your Rental Property for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and homeowners aren’t the only ones decking the halls. After Thanksgiving, any landlords who have yet to put up decorations are probably wrestling with the decision to do so. Installing lights, garlands and other decorations can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Is it worth it year after year?

Winter isn’t exactly peak rental season, but business doesn’t stop from November to December. When you have other pressing tasks to attend to, Christmas lights might be the last thing on your mind. However, they can make your renters feel more t home. Before you start investing in seasonal cheer, consider these pros and cons of decorating your rental property for the holidays.

The Pros of Decorating Your Rental Property for the Holidays

  • It gets tenants in the holiday spirit. Sometimes, nothing beats basking in the glow of holiday cheer. The daily challenges we face aren’t easy, but the holidays give us a chance to unwind, spend time with loved ones and feel like a kid again. Therefore, it’s likely that decorating your rental property for the holidays will put a smile on your tenants’ faces.
  • It makes your property stand out. When you drive around town this time of year, you probably notice the properties that are decorated. They look joyful, warm and cozy. it’s no surprise, then, that more potential renters will be attracted to your property if it’s decorated. As a landlord, you’re selling the idea of being at home. Living and raising a family in a comfortable environment is important to people. As strange as it may sound, small touches like holiday decorations can contribute to that.
  • More lighting keeps your property secure. There’s more to holiday decorating than just making sure Santa can find you! Decorating your rental property during the holidays also keeps it secure. Theft is rampant this time of the year, especially as more people order online and leave packages on doorsteps. Installing some extra holiday lighting keeps these areas visible.

The Cons of Decorating Your Rental Property for the Holidays

  • It can be expensive. It needs to be said: holiday adornments aren’t cheap. Affording decorations isn’t easy for homeowners, let alone property owners. If you do decide to decorate your rental property for the holidays, don’t go crazy. You can create a festive atmosphere in and around your building with just a few small items. Renting decorations is also an option if you’re looking to save money this year.
  • Decorations can be damaged or stolen. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to secure your holiday decorations. You need to accept the risk of a thief stealing your lights or winter weather damaging your décor.
  • Some decorations aren’t inclusive. It’s likely that many of your tenants will enjoy seeing Christmas decorations, but some could find them offensive. Keep in mind that not everyone celebrates the same holidays. If you’re considering decorating your rental property for the holidays, it’s best to avoid religious displays that aren’t universal. These are better suited for your own home, not your business.

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