Should You Allow Pets in Your Denver Rental Property?

Every decision you make about your Denver rental property affects the potential tenants it will attract, the people currently living in the space and the value and safety of the property. While many landlords choose to outright forbid pets to live at their properties, others worry about losing money by prohibiting all pets. What should you consider when thinking about allowing pets at your Dental rental property? Continue reading

5 Nail-Free Ways to Customize Your Apartment

When it comes to customizing your living space, it’s tempting to go crazy and decorate it to reflect who you are. However, when it’s time to customize your apartment, some ways of expressing yourself won’t jive with your lease. If you’re tired of the off-white walls and tan carpeting, here are some of the best nail-free ways to make your living space your own without losing your deposit. Continue reading

4 Design Trends to Avoid When Renovating Your Rental Property

Renovating your rental property can be a lengthy and expensive process, even if you’re partnered with experienced designers and contractors. However, sporadically renovating your rental property is a great way to retain and increase its value and prevent the need for a larger project down the road. While it’s tempting to spend a few hours on Pinterest and choose unique accents to incorporate, there are many design trends you should avoid entirely when renovating your rental property.

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Do Month-to-Month Leases Benefit Denver Metro Area Landlords?

Denver metro area landlords have plenty of options when it comes to offering leases to tenants. While the most popular type of lease might remain a 1-year lease, month-to-month leases do provide some benefits to both Denver metro area landlords and their renters.

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