I am in the process of retiring and am slowly turning over the management of my properties to Laura. She has been really easy to work with, very professional, and is handling my more challenging renters very effectively. I am really happy I found Laura.

Bill R

"I have known Laura for many years. I have helped Laura install hardwood floors, replace light fixtures, paint, and install crown molding for her properties. She is prompt to get to any repair and treats her property owners as her first priority with utmost respect and communication. I can confidently say that her mere involvement of any owner/tenant coordination for repair or maintenance, adds value just by her expert opinion and involvement. A true professional."

Chris S.

"I was renting my Boulder Condo on my own. Laura took over as soon as we signed the management contract and improved my presentation of the condo immediately. We did simple fixes on the cabinets in the kitchen, cleaned the carpets and staged it with some of my own furniture. She got two hundred dollars more a month for the condo and found a tenant with excellent credit that paid promptly on the first each month. She can "wow" any client or property."

John B.