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5 Awesome Winter Denver Activities

Winter is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to connect with friends and family and enjoy the best winter Denver activities! Winter in Denver is about much more than hitting the slopes, and our gorgeous area has plenty to offer.

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4 Things to Look for When Choosing a Property Management Company

You want to make sure that your rental property is making you as much money as possible, and that your tenants are happy with the experience from start to finish. Selecting the right property management company is vital to that equation. Unfortunately, like any other industry, there are plenty of companies that look great on paper but fail to deliver on their promises. What should you look for when finding a property management company for your rental property?

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Building a Moat Around Your Castle

Melloney Millward with All County Denver Metro Property Management is a competent Property Manager based in Arvada in the West Denver Metro. Here is a great article that gives great information and details the many ways that a good property manager earns their keep and is worth their weight in gold.
Let us be your moat around your castle!


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3 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Tenants

When cold weather arrives, few things ruin a chilly snowy night more than a call from a tenant informing you that a pipe burst. Thankfully, the majority of winter damage to rental properties can be prevented with these simple winter maintenance tips you can share with your tenants. A quick, friendly reminder can save you plenty of stress and money!

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Pros Say That Some People Should Rent in Denver by Melloney Millward

Even a Real Estate Pro Says Some People in Denver Should Rent, Not Buy
It may not be good for his business, but Joshua Hunt, the co-founder and CEO of the local real estate brokerage Trelora, says that for a significant number of people in Denver, including many of those who've just moved to the Mile High City, renting makes more sense than buying.

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What is Honor in Property Management? by Mark Steinbach

In Property Management, honor plays a great role.

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6 Tips on How to Make Your Home Into a Rental

So you've probably already calculated what you thought your home could currently rent for if you are anything like me. Denver is one of the top five cities in the US to own a rental and to be a property owner! People are moving here in droves and while the market may have some softening lately, overall it is still extremely strong and stable. Having a rental is a great way to build your financial empire.

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Does Credit Score Matter When Trying to Lease? How does your credit stack up as a tenant?

Obtaining a rental lease usually requires at least fair credit.

For those unable to purchase a home because of a lack of funds or poor credit, renting is the obvious alternative to home ownership. However, landlords often perform a credit check prior to renting their homes. Generally, when looking for a rental, a credit score in the low 600s is a minimum requirement.

Apartment Credit Scores

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As a DIY Landlord, Are You Asking the Right Questions to Your Prospective Tenant?

As a property management company, we ask tenants the important questions, but we also follow up with the proper credit checks and background reports. Are you asking these important items if you are trying to do property management on your own?

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Is Lack of Organization Keeping you from Renting your Property?

At All County Denver Metro Property Management Company, we understand you are busy! We have recently discovered Sarah Krivel who owns Simpler Surroundings, a company that specializes in doing personal organization for those who have acquired too much "stuff" or do not have enough time to organize it. Is a cluttered residence keeping you from renting?? We find this all too often. A property owner has a home to rent out but they cannot seem to declutter it.


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