A Simple Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Rental Property

Summer is here, and there is a good chance your tenants are spending plenty of time enjoying the warm summer sun and all that the Denver metro area has to offer. However, the arrival of summer also means that it is time to tackle your summer maintenance tasks. If you work with All County Denver Metro Property Management, you can rest easy that your property will be in top condition all year long.

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A Guide to the Tenant Screening Process for Tenants

When you apply for an apartment or rental property, you can expect to participate in a tenant screening process. It might vary depending on where you apply, but there are questions that you should be prepared to answer and materials that you can gather beforehand to make the process go smoothly.

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How to Legally Remove Bad Tenants in Denver, Colorado

Unfortunately, even if you do all of your due diligence when screening applicants for your rental properties, individuals can slip through the cracks. Whether it’s spurred by a change in life circumstances, another individual moving in with the original tenant or other circumstances, bad tenants can rapidly impact the living experiences of other tenants in multi-family units and increase your stress. How can you legally remove bad tenants in Denver, Colorado?

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Should You Allow Pets at Your Rental Property?

One of the biggest decisions that every landlord needs to make is whether or not to allow pets at their rental property. While you will open up your applicants to a broader range of people, there can be some drawbacks to having pets present in your apartment or home. Should you allow pets at your rental property?

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Rental Property

The Pros and Cons of Choosing an Older Home for a Rental Property

Sorting through different properties on the market is complicated when you’re looking to buy a home for yourself, but it can be even more difficult when you are searching for a rental property. Investing in an older home can be a wonderful idea, but there are also potential downsides that can end up costing you serious money.

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