Why Does Preventative Maintenance Matter?

Are you wondering what exactly preventative maintenance entails? It means that you’re getting your property and all the various systems or equipment in it inspected at least once a year. With preventative maintenance, you are avoiding costly repairs, ensuring that your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems last longer, and your utility bills will be lower.

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The Perfect Plants for Your Apartment

Plants are a key staple in making your apartment feel like home. In addition to naturally purifying the air, plants have been proven to enhance one’s mood and relieve stress. Some people shy away from getting plants for their living space because they are worried about taking care of it. However, a large variety of plants don’t require a lot of sunlight or even watering, making them especially perfect for apartment-dwellers.

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The Surprising Growing Rental Market: Baby Boomers

When you think of the most popular rental market, what comes to mind? If you’re like most landlords, you might think of millennials. However, the fastest-growing rental market is at the other end of the age spectrum—baby boomers! As older generations are looking to sell properties and have amenities available in rental communities, they are flocking to rental properties throughout the Denver metro area.

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6 Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring is here in Denver, which means that now is the perfect time to take a weekend and invest a little TLC into your rental property. Whether you work with your tenants to complete these tasks or do them yourself, here are some of our best seasonal maintenance tips to keep your Denver area rental property in awesome shape. 

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Should You Allow Pets in Your Denver Rental Property?

Every decision you make about your Denver rental property affects the potential tenants it will attract, the people currently living in the space and the value and safety of the property. While many landlords choose to outright forbid pets to live at their properties, others worry about losing money by prohibiting all pets. What should you consider when thinking about allowing pets at your Dental rental property? Continue reading