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A Good Article On An Important Group of Renters by Marc Courtenay

I thought this was a great article on how technology is impacting our previous generations. Good to know for Property Owners who own Rental Properties.

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Springtime for Property Owners

Colorado Weather can be hard on your homes! The ice, freezing, thawing and general "wetness" of the winter are hard on your exterior. Springtime is a time of renewal and let that be your inspiration to give your home some new energy. Even if you have a property management company, you can also do these inspections for peace of mind.
-Check your house roof. The freezing and thawing combined with wind, is especially hard on shingles.

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Tax Time Tips for Rental Property Investors

While owning a rental property can be a terrific way to bring in income, those extra dollars can make things complicated when it comes to preparing a tax return.

Fortunately for the 15 million people who own rental properties in the U.S., there are ways to make tax season a little more manageable:

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Rental Property Management - 10 Questions to Ask a Property Management Company

Why hire rental property management? Because doing it all yourself is the surest way to make your real estate investment experience a bitter one. You also have more time to find the next deal when there is someone taking care of the details for you. Hire a good property manager, but first ask the following questions.

1. How much is the fee? Fees vary around the country from as low as 4% of gross rents for larger buildings, to as high as 12% for single family homes. Be sure the fee is clearly stated and understood.

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All County Property Management Franchise Corp. Has Opened a Fourth Location in Colo.

Real estate industry experts at All County Denver Metro offer rental management solutions that permit time-crunched property owners and rental investment newcomers the opportunity to take advantage of exceptional rental market returns in the Denver, Colorado area.


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